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Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and Holistic Health in Hampshire

Welcome to this website. I hope you will take a few moments to look around the site, see what is available to you, then call and make an appointment for a telephone consultation and start living the life you were always meant to.

Covid-19 - Up date

During this period, consultations will continue as normal, via telephone etc.

"Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
A A Milne, Winnie The Pooh"

"At LifeChangers there is a partnership between client and therapist to promote health & well being in a safe, natural way. Holistic principles and the most up to date 21st century techniques are implemented in treatments."

How to cope with isolation during the current pandemic

Maintaining a positive outlook is important and you can do this by:-
- Reminding yourself this is all temporary
- List out somethings that are beneficial to you during this period, e.g. having time to read, watching a Box set; even Spring cleaning!
- List out some things that are beneficial to the wider society e.g. by remaining indoors we can help slow down the spread of the virus thus protecting the vulnerable.
- Add to this list whenever possible, and keep referring to it to remind yourself.
- Remember that medical and scientific experts are following strict protocols to contain the virus and treat those affected.
- Only get your information from reliable, accurate and up to date sources. Don't expose yourself to all the naysayers, the conspiracy theorists and doom-mongers often found on social media.
- Keep busy, keeping your mind and body active during the day will not only lessen your anxiety - it will help you sleep.
- If you are working from home, then allocate specific work-times with scheduled breaks etc
- Set up a dedicated work space away from distractions if possible.
- Don't be tempted to over-work (!)
- Maintain contact with others, either by telephone, text, What'sApp, Face-time etc.
- When possible connect with nature. If you can get out safely for a walk do so. Use your garden of course, if you have one. Even indoor plants and flowers can help create a sense of calm and continuity in these strange times.

About You

Lets talk about you - You may have a problem that is small, but somehow it keeps niggling away at the back of your mind...make today the day that you do something about it. It's funny, but just by making the appointment to come along to LifeChangers, you will immediately start to feel better. This is because you have taken action, you are already on the way!

You may of course have a problem that is so large it consumes your every waking moment, perhaps even following you into your sleep; or you may find yourself somewhere in between the two. so, lets talk about your problem...


Your problem could be anything from anxiety, a lack of confidence, food issues, phobias, relationships, work pressure. You may be going through a divorce, an acrimonious break up, chronic pain or a stress related illness. Perhaps you are struggling with addictions like stopping smoking - perhaps you feel that you are drinking too much, or drinking everyday - you've "tried everything" and it has all failed.

Possibly you may have problems with sleep, lack of energy, or just feeling tired all the time. You may be plagued by panic attacks and general anxiety. There may be a problem with travelling, water, heights, driving, spiders or snakes, frogs or wasps. The list goes on.

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And now.... The Good News

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to tackle your problem straight away, a way to change your life for the better? Help to stop you falling in the "habit-stop-start again" cycle. A way to look and feel as great as you want to feel. A way to have confidence to tackle whatever you want? Well there is !

Therapy at LifeChangers offers an affordable and professional service.


Private, one to one, consultations are probably more affordable than you think, for example stopping smoking would save a "20 a day person" around £3,500 plus a year. In LESS THAN one month they would have paid for their therapy course AND have started saving towards that dream holiday.

Speed of Service

Your initial enquiry will be answered by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible, often the same day.

Quality of Service

Over 18 years in practice. Geraldine Winter is a dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Management and Holistic Health practitioner with considerable experience in helping people to feel happier and more positive about their lives. A full member of the Hypnotherapy Association, and importantly, registered with the CNHC, which is presently the only government endorsed regulator for Complementary Healthcare in the United Kingdom. All consultations are confidential.


The Hypnotherapy, Stress management and Holistic Health Practice is based in Hampshire

To make an appointment or just to talk about how hypnotherapy, stress management, confidence building or holistic health therapies might be able to help you, please telephone 01730 300934 or for full details click here to email me.

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Remember that if you want to change "the stuff that is going on around you"; then you need to change the stuff that's going on within you, call LifeChangers today

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